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Effective treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism implies not only that the patient passed a course of rehabilitation, remains sober (this is just the first really effective treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism), but also how a recovering addict or alcoholic will continue to dispose of their sobriety and their lives. Millions of people are treated for alcoholism or drug addiction today. Again, paramount in any therapy depends upon the fact whether recovering to remain sober after completing the course of therapy. However, in order to find a successful treatment regimen, an understanding is needed that the leading specialists of the world to understand the effective treatment of drug addiction . alcoholism or other chemical or any other type of addiction in General.

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Stalk - effective hangover cureThe Mission Of Senalca. Drinking alcohol is one of the almost inevitable moments of life. Causes of drinking alcohol at all different. Some see it as a kind of remedy, other means of facilitating communication with people, and some way to relieve psychological stress. Still, society, first, produces alcohol and gives him status as a legal substance and socially acceptable doping and, secondly, “plays” practices, forms, habits and prejudices associated with its consumption. Here’s an example: the ending of the famous film about Cops. Solved the crime and went to drink, and then at the end of the film. Type achieve believability. You can of course and not drink. But not everyone is under force. Because we have now who do not drink – only “non-drinkers and ulcer”. And the insults begin: “Conceited! Even with friends you won’t drink!?” But if habits become systematically you can earn the title of an alcoholic.

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Diagnosis and effective treatment of acne in the medical center “Ozon Life”- titlechange-a complex of herbs to relieve rosacea, hyperkeratosis

– cleansing of skin pores

– the application of a healing mask for your skin type

– completion of the procedure, applying a serum or cream

– recommendations on skin care

The cost of the Program No. 3 is:

– doctor’s consultation

– identification of causes and visual diagnosis of all forms of acne and acne

– prepare the skin for peeling

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Defamatory ― effective treatment for the backThere are many treatment options, but defamatory is considered one of the most effective, allowing you to get a positive result and get rid of back problems and major violations. The technique is officially recognized and was able to establish itself in our country.

Not many people pay attention to back problems and possible disease, but it is only until then, until they begin seriously to disturb you. Today the methods of treatment invented by a few dozen, but definateley Dr. Bobyr were able to show their best side as an effective and simple method of non-surgical treatment.

The methodology

Defamatory several years was studied by Bobyr on the basis of scientific works of many doctors and scientists. In 1996 the method was formed and a patent was obtained from the Ministry of health of the country. Therapy is officially approved by medical circles and went into a full medical practice, but used sparingly and in our clinic. Continue reading

Eye drops from conjunctivitisThe most readable now

Types of conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis – infectious diseases of different bacteria. Reproduction of streptococci and staphylococci in the eyes and leads to discomfort. In bacterial conjunctivitis immediately affects both eyes.

Eye drops from conjunctivitis this form must be antibacterial. This, for example:

“Sulfacetamide” – drops containing sulfacetamide, kill germs, while removing red eye. It should drip one or two drops three times a day. The solution is twenty or thirty percent, for families with children only twenty. Continue reading

Remote lithotripsy is an effective treatment of urolithiasisIn the urology Department of the West Siberian medical center FMBA of Russia effectively solve the problem of getting rid of kidney stones and ureter using the remote lithotripter without damaging the skin.

Kidney stones — is a disease in which the formation of stones in the kidneys and in the urinary tract. The causes of kidney stones is very varied: genetic predisposition and peculiarities of metabolism, and the nature of power. Urolithiasis is one of the leading positions among all urological diseases in sibs. The stones can occur throughout the urinary system: renal calyx, renal pelvis, ureters, bladder and urethra. Kidney stones, there are single or multiple, their size varies from 2 mm to 10 cm, the growth Rate of individual stones. Sometimes kidney stones is asymptomatic, and the stones are found accidentally during ultrasound of the kidneys or x-ray examination. Asymptomatic kidney stones does not depend on the size of the stone, but depends on its location — if the stone does not violate the outflow of urine, no signs of illness will not be. It seemed — well, when no unpleasant symptoms, but the stones can cause chronic inflammation in the kidney, which ultimately can lead to kidney failure. Continue reading